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Debt Consolidation for Credit Cards

Debt consolidation for credit card debt

Most consumers facing debt problems usually have credit cards to blame for their situation.  Credit cards are a leading cause of debt in America because they allow you to spend money that you donít have and then charge you high interest rates until you pay it back.  Very often these interest rates are over 20%.  And with the average American having more than 5 credit cards the amount of debt can easily be more than $10,000.  With such large amounts of debt you will have trouble even paying the interest payments each month.  You need help.  And debt consolidation for your credit card debt may be the answer you are looking for.  If you enroll in a debt consolidation program you can expect the following:

1)      No more calls from credit card companies.  As soon as you enroll in the program your credit counselor will contact all of your credit card companies and inform them that you are in a program and they can NO longer call you.  All calls will be directed to your credit counseling company.

2)      Only one payment a month.  Once you have entered a debt consolidation program for your credit card debt you will only make one payment a month.  This payment will be to your credit counseling company.  The company will then make payments to all of your credit card companies. 

3)      Have lower payments and low or no interest.  Your credit counseling company will negotiate with your credit card companies and most likely will be able to get them to reduce your monthly payment, significantly lower or remove your interest payments and stop late fees.  Lower payment with low or no interest mean you will be on the path to debt recovery.  

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