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Building Good Credit

Building good credit takes time but is possible if you set a budget for yourself and take the following steps.

Pay Bills On Time
One of the most important steps to building good credit is to make sure that you pay all of your bills on time.  This includes any bill.  If you own a cellphone and you get a monthly bill and you pay this bill on time, this will help build good credit.  Do your rent movies?  Do you have a department store charge card?  Heating bills, rent, car payments all are part of your credit scores.  One of the best things you can do to improve your credit score is to pay your credit card bills on time.  

Always Pay Minimum Balances
Even if you can only pay the minimum on your credit card, make sure to pay it.  Showing that you at least pay the minimum is good for your credit.  Skipping payments is bad for your credit.

Don't Max Out Your Credit Cards
Don't max out your credit cards.   If all of your cards have reached their limit it shows that you are spending and not repaying any of it.  Make sure to pay down your cards so that they aren't maxed out.

Open A Bank Account
If you don't have a bank account you should open one.   This is a critical step in building a credit history and will help improve your credit.

Change Your Utilities When You Move
If you are leaving and apartment or selling your home make sure that the utilities are no longer in your name.  They should be switched to be in the name of the landlord or the new owners.   If you don't switch the name on the account it is possible that if they bills aren't paid in the future that it will appear on your credit report. 


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