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Budgeting- Money Saving Tips

 We all can spend less.  And we need to to be able to stay within our budgets.   Can't think of how to spend less, try these ideas for starters.

1.  Use coupons when shopping.   Clipping coupons might be something you think only your mother does and is for old ladies with too much time on their hands.   You are wrong.   Clipping coupons is one of the most important things you can do to save money.   You can easily save $30 a week on a big grocery bill.  That is $120 a month.  And over $1,400 a year.   If you can save an extra $1,400 a year by just spending a few minutes a week clipping coupons and a few extra minutes shopping with them, that is a lot of money for not much time.

2.  Don't Buy Name Brand Foods - A little known fact is that most "store brand" products are made by the name brand companies at the same production plants as the name brand products.   Its the same food, just a lot cheaper.   Buy it.

3.   Cancel that gym membership -  Belonging to a gym is good.  If you go.  Most people don't go nearly enough.   If you aren't going all the time you should cancel the membership and do some "free" exercise.  Walking, running, doing push-ups, exercise videos, etc.  

4.   Get a no fee or low fee checking account - Make sure your bank isn't charging you fees every month.   Lots of banks do.   However, there are banks now that will give you free checking.

5.   How many phones do you have? - Do you have a home phone and a cell phone?   Do you need both?  How much is it costing you every month? 

6.  Quit Smoking - Smoking is expensive.  Really expensive.  You know you want to quit anyway.  Quit.  You'll have an extra couple thousand dollars a year.  

7.  Refinance Your Mortgage -  If you have a mortgage with a high interest rate you can save a lot of money by refinancing.

8.   Get energy efficient lightbulbs - You are wasting money on electricity if you don't have the new energy efficient lightbulbs.

9.   Lower Your Heat - In the winter you can keep your heat lower and put on a sweater.   In the summer don't use your air conditioning all the time.   Get a fan instead.

10.   Lower Your Hot Water Heater - Most hotwater heaters are set too high.   Lower the setting on yours and save energy.

11.  Get a clothesline or drying rack -  Your dryer is expensive because it uses a lot of energy.   Hang your clothes on a clothesline and save.

12.   Fix Leaky Faucets - You pay for water.  Don't waste it.

13.   Cut Back on Cable - Cable TV is expensive.  Cut back you package to basic cable and save a lot of money.

14.   Don't Get That New Car - If you are driving a car that is paid off you are saving a lot of money.   If your car is reliable keep driving it and use the money to pay off your debt. 

15.   Review Your Car Insurance - If you have a good driving record you should shop around for cheaper car insurance.

There you go.  15 ideas.  That is plenty to get you started. 




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