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The following links are to financial resources on the web that can help you learn more about your finances and begin to gain control of your debt.  Educating yourself about finances, credit and debt is an important step in become financially stable.

New York State Better Business Bureau York State Law

Contains information about New York State law as well as great information about how to better manage your personal finances including a sample budget as shown below. 

  • Housing (mortgage or rent) 25%-30%
  • Food (groceries, household items, meals out) 15%-20%
  • Transportation (car maintenance and insurance, public transportation) 10%-15%
  • Household (utilities, fuel oil, minor repairs) 10%
  • Clothing 5%
  • Health (costs not covered by insurance) 5%
  • Personal (personal care, recreation) 5%
  • Insurance (personal property, life health) 5%
  • Debt (credit cards, car and personal loans, etc.) 15%-20%
  • Savings 5-10%

Budget Recommendations from New York State Better Business Bureau









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